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A thriving city of sun and culture
A thriving city of sun and culture The monarchical city of Madrid is the ideal host for a classy hen do with the girls, as the superlatives for Europe's most elevated capital city have just about been exhausted, with a truly immense offering of just about everything the big weekend could possibly need. As Spain's largest and richest city, the continent's least cloudy city is home to over three million Madridista residents and many of the country's finest & most visited attractions. Symbolised by a bear rearing up a madroño tree, the growth of Magerit; 'the place of many streams' eventually led to the much celebrated creation of local favourite 'tapas' – and the legislation enforcement that the tasty treat brought in sobering up stagecoach drivers back in the 13th century. So, you wouldn't be the first to let the excitement go to your head and get mangled in Madrid... and you definitely won't be the last!
A city that never sleeps
A city that never sleeps Can’t see the wood for the trees… As Europe’s third largest and fourth wealthiest city, the majestic ciudad of Madrid is a hustling and bustling haven of life with a great range in activity and things to do. Voted The World’s 10th Most Liveable City by Moncole Magazine, Spain’s capital leaves the rest of the continent green with envy not only for its spectacular architecture and immense wealth - but also for the greatest number of trees and green surface per inhabitant of any European city; making it second only to Tokyo for aligned lushness across the entire world.
The destination of choice for classy fun!
The destination of choice for classy fun! With a glorious heritage dating back beyond 200 BC, the magnificent city of Madrid is draped in class and has seen more than its fair share of Muchas Maracas down the years. Home to Los Galacticos; the world’s richest and most successful team, Madrid has attracted many of the world’s elite to enjoy a glass of sangria and a few titbits of tapas over the times – including many generations of the country's regal residents. Home also to some of the finest art galleries and places of general interest, such as the Teatro Real, Buen Retiro Park and the Golden Triangle of Art along Paseo del Prado; the beautiful city has long housed even more stunning masterpieces than local darlings David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo!
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